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CyberHealths is an online program which helps manage Type 2 diabetes along with a fitness and health control portal. It empowers its users to prevent Type 2 diabetes, take control of their diet and fitness programs in order to achieve their health and weight goals-even from the comfort of their own homes.


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Education Monitor

To reach the goal of helping students and teachers achieve a higher rate of completion, schools and colleges are turning to a variety of resources to engage them. Published monthly online, this booklet appears as a supplement to higher education with articles on health care, fitness, and various editorials.

GPS Tracking System

Child safety is an important topic in a world full of distractions and potential dangers. This GPS application is mainly developed for the safety of school/ college students. Parents/guardians receive messages X minutes before child reaches their destination. This allows for the confirmation of safety in real time.

3D Augmented Reality

3D Augmented Reality (AR) technology superimposes digital information with user’s real-world environment.  We build extensively 3D AR for healthcare and education systems to offer some unique interactive experiences. We imagine and unlock the world of creativity. Learning therefore becomes informative and enjoyable.

Cure Reporter

Cure Reporter is a unique solution tool for all types of medical lab-test reporting. It is a Multi-user application and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is a user-friendly tool with 24/7 online support. It is a Cloud-based software and can store and maintain any number of reports.